Tanisha Anderson

Tanisha Anderson

Tanisha Anderson was a 37-year-old woman with psychiatric disabilities who lived in Cleveland, Ohio.  On November 13, 2014, Tanisha’s family called 911 when she was having a psychiatric emergency.  The police arrived instead of an ambulance.  The police slammed her to the ground, handcuffed, and put her in a position where she could not breathe.  An ambulance was not called until 45 minutes later.  Tanisha died at the hospital.  Her family has filed suit against the police department.  A grand jury failed to indict the police officers. Internally, the Cleveland police department suspended one officer, Scott Aldridge, for ten days without pay and give another police officer, Bryan Myers, a written warning.

Mohamed Bah

Mohamed Bah
Mohamed Bah (New York, NY) was a Guinean immigrant in his twenties with a psychiatric disability.  He was a half-time college student and a half-time taxi driver in New York. Mohamed was very stressed about all his work and called his mother for support. His mother thought he sounded very depressed and was worried that he would do something drastic, so she called 911 to aid him.   911 sent the police to his apartment.  Panicked, Mohamed locked himself inside his room.  When the police barged through his door, they found Mohamed startled with a knife in his hand. The officers shot two tasersand a rubber bullet at Mohamed.  Mohamed reacted by lashing out with his knife at the police The police then fired their firearms at Mohamed, killing him.  Mohamed’s family is suing the police.

Peter Ballance

peter ballance
 Peter Ballance (Greenacres, FL: 2005) has a number of neurological disabilities. Because of his disabilities, Ballance wears a badge indicating that he records conversations in order to help him remember things and so that he can work on his stuttering and social interaction problems. By recording his interactions with other people, Ballance is able to refresh his memory about events and evaluate his progress in dealing with social situations. One day, the police asked Ballance to move his car. But before doing so, they asked Ballance to turn off his audio recorder. When Ballance refused, the police threw him to the ground and arrested him. A jury found Ballance not guilty of resisting an arrest, and Ballance has filed suit against the police.

Bill Berry

Bill Berry (Alberta, Ontario: 2012) is a 54-year-old man lost his hearing and power of speech after a battle with cancer. He is unable to breathe without the tube that goes through his neck. He entered a court house to pay a traffic ticket when was approached by a police officer. Berry tried to communicate with the sheriff, but the sheriff grabbed him, dislodged his breathing tube, causing Berry to collapse to the ground unable to breathe. Security cameras revealed that Berry was not engaging in aggressive behavior, but the prosecutor declined to press any charges against the officer.

Sandra Bland

Sandra Bland was a was a 28-year-old woman who suffered from depression when she was found hanged in a jail cell in Waller County, Texas. On July 10, 2015, she was arrested for a traffic stop when a police officer insisted that she put out her cigarette. When she asked why, the office escalated the situation and dragged her out of her car and arrested her. Three days later, she was found dead, with her death ruled a suicide. It was later found that the jail did not follow proper policies for protecting inmates with mental health issues. The family reached a settlement for wrongful death with the jail for $1.9 million.

James Boyd

James Boyd 7/12/07 Thu Mar 27 19:10:33 -0600 2014 1395969032 FILENAME: 169229.jpg

James Matthew Boyd was a 38-year old man with schizophrenia who lived in Albuquerque.  The police were called on him for illegal camping because he was homeless.  Instead of just telling James to leave, officer John McDaniel called 40 police officers as a backup when James resisted being patted down.  James tried to surrender to the police but another officer boasted he would shoot “this fucking lunatic.” They shot him several times and has a dog rip up his legs.  After roughly 20 minutes, Boyd was transported in an ambulance to the University of New Mexico hospital. In the final hours of his life, Boyd had his right arm amputated and his spleen, a section of his lung and a length of his intestines removed. At 2:55 a.m., he was pronounced dead.  Charges were filed against two of the officers, Dominique Perez and Keith Sandy which resulted in mistrials.  Sandy retired from the police, but Perez was fired.  However, he successfully fought his termination, was reinstated and was awarded $143,159 in backpay.


Brian Claunch

Brian Claunch
Brian Claunch was a 45-year-old double amputee who used a wheelchair chair. Brian stayed at the Healing Hands, a facility for people with psychiatric disabilities, in Houston Texas. On an early morning Brian complained to a staff person that he wanted a pack of cigarettes and a soda. In response, the staff person called the police. When the police arrived at the home, Brian waved a metal pen at the officers. The officers shot Brian in the head and instantly killed him. The officer was placed on administrative leave for the incident but returned to work.

Richard Claybert

Richard Claybert (Alberta, ONT: 2007) is a hearing impaired man. He brought a camper to a neighborhood party where he intended to sleep for the night. The police were called because of complaints about the noise. The police told Claybert, who was intoxicated, to drive home. As Claybert began to leave, the police told him to come back. He could not hear the police. The police officers then knocked him to the ground and kicked him repeatedly in the face.

Kevin Colindres

Kevin Colindres (Miami, FL: 2006) was an 18-year-old man who had autism. The police were called do his home after he began fighting with this family. Colindres calmed down until the police tried to take him to a crisis treatment center. When Colindres tried to go back to his house, the police hogtied Colindres, put their weight on his back, and ignored calls from his parents to get an ambulance when Colindres stopped breathing. Many police departments have banned hogtie-type restraints, which can cause brain damage and death when detainees are deprived of oxygen for prolonged periods. Colindres fell into a coma and died one month later. A lawsuit against the police was settled through arbitration.

Kristiana Coignard

Kristiana Coignard


Kristiana Coignard was a 17-year-old girl with psychiatric disabilities. On January 22, 2015, she went to the lobby of the Longview Police Department in Texas and requested assistance. The police claim she had written “I have a gun” on her hand. They shot her five times and killed her. A grand jury did not indict the police officers involved. The family reached a settlement of $15,000.

Michelle cusseaux


Michelle Cusseaux was a 50-year old woman with psychiatric disabilities who lived in Phoenix, Arizona. In August 2014, police were sent to Michelle’s home on a court-ordered mental health pick up. When Michelle would not open the door, the police forced their way in. Police officer Percy Dupra shot her claiming he felt threatened by the fact she was holding a hammer. The police found the shooting to be outside department policy. However, the DA refused to file charges against the police officers.

Randal Dunklin


Randal Dunklin (San Francisco). Randal Dunklin was a homeless man who used a wheelchair and who has psychiatric disabilities. One day he was carrying a knife in 2011, and was surrounded by police who ordered him to drop the knife. He attempted to raise his hands to show he was complying with police officers, and was shot by the police. He survived his injuries.

Kenneth Ellis

Kenneth Ellis (Albuquerque, NM: 2010) was an Iraq War veteran who suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder. Ellis was called to a convenience store when he began threatening to kill himself. The police arrived and a crisis-intervention officer began negotiating with Ellis. In the middle of the negotiation, OfficerLampiris-Trembasuddenly shot and killed him. The city independent review officer ruled he should not have fired, but the citizen review commission later ruled the shooting justified.

Colin Farmer

Colin Farmer
Colin Farmer (Chorley, Lancashire) is a 61-year-old blind man.  Colin was taking a walk to a local pub with his white walking stick. The police received complaints about a man walking by Chorley with a samurai sword. A officer spotted Colin with his walking stick and confused the walking stick for the sword and immediately shot him with a 50,000 voltage taser in the back. Colin fell to the ground and the officer started to arrest him. After the officer figured out he was mistaken, Colin was transferred to a hospital.  Colin is afraid to leave the house now and is filing a lawsuit against the Lancashire police department. The officer received no discipline for his actions.

Eric Garner

eric garner picture
Eric Garner was a man who suffered from acute and chronic bronchial asthma and hypertensive cardiovascular disease. He was approached by the New York Police for suspicion of selling illegal cigarettes. When Garner asserted his innocence, police officers forced his head down to the ground so he could not breathe. Even when he stated he could not breathe 11 times, the police did not let him go until he lost consciousness. They then did not do CPR on him. He died an hour later. The police were not indicted for his murder. The family did settle a lawsuit against the police for $5.9 million.

Freddie Gray

Freddie Gray Picture
Freddie Gray was a 25 year old man who had developmental disabilities as a result of lead poisoning. On April 12, 2015, he was arrested by 6 Baltimore police officers and put into a van. But the end of the trip, he had fallen into a coma because he suffered three fractured vertebrae, injuries and his spine was 80% severed at his neck. The police officers were indicted, but no one was convicted of his murder. The city of Baltimore did reach a settlement of $6.4 million with Freddie Gray’s family.

Dontre Hamilton

dontre hamilton

Dontre Hamilton was a 31-year old man who lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  He had schizophrenia and other psychiatric disabilities.  On April 30, 2014, Dontre was sleeping in a park, causing no disturbance. Police officer Christopher Manney starting frisking him with no probable cause.  When Dontre became startled, Officer Manney shot him 14 times and killed him.  Manney was not prosecuted for this murder, but he was fired.  He has applied for disability, claiming he has post-traumatic stress disorder.  The family of Dontre Hamilton reached a 2.3 million settlement against the city of Milwaukee.  In response to this murder, the Milwaukee police changed its policies to require all officers to receive Crisis Intervention Team trainings and to wear body cameras.

Jacqueline Hennick

Jacqueline Hennick (Clarksville, AR: 2011) is a 95-pound woman with disabilities. The police arrived to her neighborhood in response to her call that the neighbors were disturbing the police. The police asked Hennick to move her car. When she began walking to her car, the police officer picked her up and slammed her head repeatedly into the ground. A neighbor saw the incident and verified her account of the story. Hennick has filed a lawsuit against the police.

Jason Harrison

Jason Harrison


Jason Harrison was a 39-year-old man with psychiatric disabilities who lived in Dallas.  On June 14, 2014, his mother called 911 hoping a mental health team could assist her with her son.  However, the police arrived, and when they say Jason had a screwdriver, they shot and killed him.  A grand jury refused to indict the police officers involved. The family has filed a lawsuit against the police department.

Denise Harris

denise harris

Denise Harris (Dayton, OH: 2008) is blind woman who also has cancer. On July 7, 2008, the police arrived at her house asking for her son. The police office grabbed Harris, threw her onto a futon, pulled at her clothes, and tasered her. Only after she was tasered did he realize she was blind. Harris was charged with resisting arrest.

Anthony Hill


Anthony Hill was a 27-year-old Air Force veteran who embraced the fact that he was bipolar.  In his twitter account, he stated “I am thankful to be something other than normal,” it says. “I don’t fight my circumstance, I embrace it. I love myself. Always #IamBipolar.  In March 2015, Hill was having troubles with his medication.  He was jumping off his balcony in Chamblee, Georgia repeatedly while naked.  Neighbors called 911 to get medical attention.  However, the police were dispatched to the scene instead. Although Hill was unarmed, the police officer Robert Olsen shot and killed him. Olsen had a taser and pepper spray at his disposal but chose to shoot Hill instead.  Olsen was indicted on two counts of murder one count of aggravated assault.  The trial has not yet begun.

Anthony Jackson

Anthony Jackson
Anthony Jackson (Duluth, MN) is a 50- year-old-man in a wheelchair. Anthony, a resident at the San Marcos Homeless Shelter, was drinking in a no-drinking area and became involved in a fight with two residents.   Police were called to the situation.  They took him to a detox center.  He was not acting disruptively at this point, but he did talk back to the police officers after they demanded he take of his coat.  In retaliation, one officer hit him on the head five times and pulled him off of his wheelchair.  He was then arrested.  The police officer was fired for using excessive force.

Walwyn Jackson

Walwyn Jackson
Walwyn Jackson (Queens, NY: 2012) was a 26-year old man with a 2-week young son. He was suffering from depression as a result of his unemployment. One night when Jackson was threatening to kill himself, his family called 911. Instead of helping Jackson, the police shot and killed him.

Jesse Kersey

Jesse Kersey

Jesse Kersey (Dayton, OH) is a 17-year-old young man with developmental disabilities. Jesse was riding his bike when a police officer saw Jesse and tried to speak with him. When Jesse spoke, the officer could not understand him. Jesse rode home to get his mom to translate for him. The officer thought Jesse was being disrespected and started chasing after him. The officer met up with another officer and called backup to subdue Jesse. Jesse ran to his mom and the officers shot a taser in his back. Twenty more officers arrived to subdue Jesse. The mother tried her best to protect her son but the officers began to beat him. After the officers cuffed Jesse they took him to court where he was charged with assaulting an officer and resisting arrest. The mother was charged with interfering with an arrest. The charges were dropped, and the family is suing the officers.

Christoper Lopez

christopher lopez

Christoper Lopez was man who was being held as a prisoner in the San Carlos Correctional Facility in Pueblo.  He had schizophrenia and suffered from severe hyponatremia.

On March 17, 2013, a six-hour video documents that Lopez was practically comatose, was suffering from uncontrollable shaking, grand mal seizures and disturbed breathing while prison guards laughed and joked while he died.   His mother filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the facility.  Three of the employees involved were terminated.

Antonio Love

Antonio Love
Antonio Love (Mobile, Alabama) is a 37-year-old deaf man with psychiatric disabilities.  One day Antonio got sick and went into a Dollar General store to go to the bathroom. He was in there for about an hour.  A worker called the police to get Antonio out of the bathroom.  The police demanded that Antonio leave the bathroom, but he could not hear the orders.  The police pepper sprayed him and forced open the door with a crowbar.  The police then held him for 5 hours for failing to follow a police order.  He was eventually released.  He is suing the police officers involved.

Antonio Martinez

Antonio Martinez
Antonio Martinez (San Diego) is a 21-year-old with Down syndrome. On a cold night, police responded to a call about domestic violence.  Officers noticed Antonio was walking to his father’s bakery and assumed he was the suspect because he had a hoodie. The officer ordered Antonio to stop and take off his hoodie.  Not comprehending the officer’s orders, Antonio did not respond.  In response, the officer pepper sprayed Antonio, threw him on the ground, and savagely beat him.   It was not until the officer threw Antonio into the car that he realized that Antonio had Down syndrome and took him to the hospital.  Antonio has filed suit against the officer and the city.

Jody Mcintyre

Jody Mcintyre

Jody McIntyre (London, England) is a 20-year-old journalist with cerebral palsy. He participated in the student fee protests held in Central London in December 2010. During the protest, a police officer pulled him out of his wheelchair, dragged him onto the pavement, and beat him with the baton. McIntyre was unarmed. The Scotland Yard investigated the incident and deemed the actions of the officer “justifiable.”

Charlie McGillvary

charlie McGillivary

Charlie McGillvary was a 45 year old man who had a developmental disability and a heart condition.  In August 2011, Toronto police tackled him because they mistook him for another person who violated his bail conditions.  His mother tried to intervene and let them know they had the wrong person but she was ignored.  He went into cardiac arrest after being tackled but the police refused to perform CPR.  He later died.  The police were cleared of any wrongdoing.

Isadore Monroe

Isadore Monroe

Isadore Monroe was a 107-year-old man who lived in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. He was partially deaf and blind. On September 7, 2013, his family tried to move him out of his home, but he did not want to leave. He got a gun and told his family to leave him alone. The police were called who brought in a SWAT team. Instead of waiting for him to sleep, the police tear gassed him and then shot him in the face. The family filed an unsuccessful lawsuit against the police and no one was punished for their role in his murder.

Jonathan Meister

Jonathan Meister

Jonathan Meister is deaf man who was at a friend’s house in Hawthorne, California, when the police wee called on him because he was mistakenly believed to be a thief.  When the police arrived, he indicated to them he was deaf.  However, the police refused to communicate with him properly and instead, they punched him the face repeatedly, shot him with a taser and beat him severely such that he had to be hospitalized.  Charges against him were dropped.  Jonathan settled a lawsuit against the police department for $55,000.  The Department also said it would change its communication policies with deaf people.

gilberto powell

gilberto powell

Gilberto Powell is a man with Down’s syndrome who lives in Richmond Heights, Florida.  On September 10, 2011, Gilberto, who was 22 at the time, was walking around when the police stopped him because he had a bulge in his waist band.  They tried to pat him down, but when Gilberto resisted, they beat him severely.  The bulge was simply his medical colostomy bag, which the police ripped from his body.  His life was saved because his father saw the beating and ran out of the home to intervene.  The police acknowledged in its report that Gilberto was not capable of responding to their commands but also claimed they couldn’t tell he had Down’s Syndrome.  One of the officers involved, Fernando Villa, who had a long history of police violence and has been subject to at least 8 internal investigations.  He was arrested later that year for being passed out intoxicated in his patrol car.

kajieme powell

kajieme powell

Kajieme Powell was a 25-year-oldman who had schizophrenia. He went to a store in St Lois, Missouri on August 20, 2014, where he grabbed some items and started pacing on the floor with a knife.  The police were called.  But even though one of the police officers was trained in crisis intervention, they shot and killed Kajieme rather than de-escalate the situation.  None of the police officers was charged, but the family has filed a lawsuit against the Department.

Pearl Pearson


Pearl Pearson is a 68-year -man that lives in Edmond Oklahoma. He is both mute and Deaf. In 2014, he was coming home from a meeting for Deaf peoples in Oklahoma City when a traffic cop stopped him and beat him up.  He filed a lawsuit in 2015 and was awarded $175,000.

Jeanetta Riley

Jeanetta Riley

Jeanetta Riley was a 35-year-old Native American pregnant woman with psychiatric disabilities who lived in Northern Idaho. On July 8, 2014, she told her husband she was suicidal. He drove her to the hospital in Sandpoint, Idaho, and told hospital personnel she needed help. The police were called. Instead of descalating the situation, the police shot her five times and killed her. She elicted little public sympathy and the police department suffered no consequences for her murder. However, when police officers in nearby Coeur d’Alene shot a dog the next day, the dog’s death became a national campaign and the owner was awarded $80,00 for the dog’s death.

Diana Showman

diana showman

Diana Showman was a 19-year old woman in San Jose, California who had psychiatric disabilities.  On August 14, 2014, she was walking towards a police officer carrying a power drill.  The police officer mistook it for a gun and shot and killed her.  The prosecutors concluded that the police had acted in self-defense. The parents settled a lawsuit against the police department.

Bobby Ray Steele

 Bobby Ray Steele (New Miami, OH: 2007) was a 40 year old man with developmental and psychiatric disabilities. One day, he got into an argument with his father over cat food. Steele became agitated so his father called 911 to get his son to calm down. Steele did calm down, so his father hung up on 911 without saying anything. The police arrived and, although Steele was no longer agitated, began grapping and arresting him. Steele, now scared, tried to retreat into his home. The officers began slamming him to the ground and four officers piled on top of him and pepper sprayed him. Steele died on the scene.

Dan Tessien

dan teissen
Dan Tessien (Modesto, CA: 2007) is deaf man who was pulled over while driving by police in a case of mistaken identity. Police ordered him out of the car, first in English, then in Spanish. But Tessien did not move because he was deaf. Within sixty seconds police blew out his back window and began pelting him with nylon bean bags containing 40 grams of lead shot. Tessien claims he repeatedly yelled to the officers he was deaf while they continued to shoot at him.

Benny Warr


Benny Warr (Rochester, NY, 2013): NY Police officers assaulted Benny Warr, a disabled man in a motorized wheelchair, who was waiting for the bus near the intersection of Jefferson. The incident was videotaped, demonstrating that Warr did nothing to warrant the attack. Police officers lifted Warr out of his wheelchair, threw him to the ground and kicked him.